November 29, 2017

RE: Kroger General Merchandise Our Brands Suppliers; General Merchandise

This letter announces that we have aligned with YFYJupiter as the Kroger General Merchandise Our Brands partner.

This letter is to notify you and your company that you will receive the Kroger Our Brands Packaging program enrollment documents and instructions.

As a global leader, YFYJupiter is an integrated brand packaging services company specializing in structural engineering, graphic design, photography, printing and package manufacturing. YFYJupiter partners with brand conscious companies to faithfully communicate their values through unmatched integrated product and service platforms.

Our expectation is simplification, transparency in packaging costs and optimization opportunities in packaging resulting in marketable sustainability attributes. We will be working toward reduction/elimination of Styrofoam and optimizing the cube of product to reduce overall transportation costs and shelf space becoming more productive.

YFYJupiter will be providing a Supplier Packaging Resource Guide. Please reach out to the YFYJupiter USA Packaging contacts provided in the Supplier Packaging Resource Guide (p.6) regarding immediate questions. YFYJupiter will follow up with a Packaging Request Form (intake sheet).

Please prepare and respond to this letter (email) with:

  1. Vendor Contact Name responsible for Packaging 
  2. Contact Email
  3. Phone #
  4. Manufacturing Location(s) including Street Address and Postal Code
  5. Product Categories you supply
  6. Current SKU Counts
  7. Product Sample in current packaging

    *Once we receive your Manufacturing locations, YFYJupiter will forward shipping instructions.

This is a Kroger General Merchandise Corporate initiative and all Suppliers will be held accountable for compliance to this packaging process or policy.

This will also include PDQ’s, CDU’s, Floor Ready Displays and Shippers.

Kroger and YFYJupiter are looking forward to working with you and a successful partnership.

Thank you.


Greg Parsons
Senior Director Home and Product Development
General Merchandise Kroger Co.

CC: Christina Groth
Vice President, Kroger General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care and Non-Foods