In order to participate in this program, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below.


Printing Quote Remarks

USD prices are for reference only. Rate: 1 USD = 6.6 RMB (Exchange rate to be reviewed every 3 months and subject to change if rate fluctuates more than 2% without further notice.)

Above pricing estimate is valid for 30 days upon Quotation Date unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated, regular production standard will apply to ALL orders, 14 Working Days (10 working days for reprint expect running change), excluding Sundays and holidays, from receipt of below items:

  • Accepted PO -- PO must be accepted by both parties (PO's that being received after 4 p.m., 16:00 GMT +8, will be considered effective the next business working day)
  • Final Verified Dieline and Artwork by Vendor
  • Signed Estimate (if required per program)
  • Complete Delivery Instructions
  • Full payment on Cash Before Production orders (if no credit is granted)

If for any reason the type of packaging, special delivery locations, or other factors beyond our control does not allow us to deliver in the committed working, we will inform you prior to accepting the PO for your order.

We will confirm every PO within 24 hours with the delivery date that we can meet. If we cannot meet the delivery date you have requested, but can meet our committed date, the delivery date that we give you will be the delivery date. If you do not want to place the order with us based on the delivery date listed, you must contact us as soon possible to cancel the order. Any order cancelled after 48 hours from our notice might include some set up charges or actual charges for work that has been completed.

If for any reason, we cannot meet the delivery dates that we have committed, we will immediately let you know and we will not accept the PO. We will ask if you would like to accept the date we can deliver, or you are free to use another certified printer. In these cases, the PO is not accepted; we accept no liability for any further action.

Price is subject to change based on final blank size and Final Packaging Specifications. This estimate is subject to change if original project specifications are changed. If additional work is required, YFYJupiter will notify the Client before additional fees are acquired.

All orders are guaranteed to be up to 0.5% of the actual ordered quantity unless otherwise stated, please make sure your order quantities accurately reflect your needs based on up to 0.5% quantity that will be delivered.

Three (3) white samples free of charge are provided for all programs with signed estimate unless otherwise stated. Additional samples will be billed at usual and customary rates and additional time will be required based on the total order requested.

Price is based on one single shipment only unless otherwise stated. If the order is switched over to partial deliveries, additional surcharges will strictly be applied.

Notice on small orders: Replacement and re-orders are almost always at much smaller quantities which could be at a much higher cost per unit. Please consider ordering extra quantities for replacements and re-orders on this order to avoid potential cost increases.

Annual volume opportunity: We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on an annual volume basis based on your estimated monthly usage. In many cases this can help us obtain more aggressive pricing for you.



美⾦金金价格仅供参考,汇率:1 USD = 6.6 RMB。本司每 3 个⽉月重新评估汇率⼀一次,如差价多于 2% 或以上,便便会 并不不会作另⾏行行通知。

除特别列列明外,报价单于报价⽇日期起 30 ⽇日内有效。

除特别列列明外,正常⽣生产标准将应⽤用于所有之订单:新印刷项⽬目 14 个⼯工作天; 重印或档案更更新 10 个⼯工作天,括星期⽇日及节假)。 ⽣生产所需的时间从本司收妥以下资料料开始计算:

  • 确认之订单 ﹣必须双⽅方确认妥当(如本司亚洲办公室能在每天下午 4 时前,收妥贵司发出的以下所有资料料,订 理理。如下午四时后收到的订单及资料料,将会在下⼀一个⼯工作天处理理。)
  • 客户确认的最后⼑刀线及图稿
  • 签署确认的报价单 (视乎项⽬目需要)
  • 完整的出货指示
  • ⽣生产前全数付款 (如没有获取付款信⽤用期)

如因其包装类型、特殊送货地址、或其他本司不不能控制之因素,导致本司未能在承诺之⼯工作天内送货,本司会在 通知贵司。

本司将会在 24 ⼩小时内确认收妥贵司的订单,并会提供交货⽇日期。⼀一般情况下,即使本司未能达到贵司预期的交 仍能承诺本司保証之货期。如因交货⽇日期未能达到共识,⽽而需要取消订单,请尽快通知本司。

任何在 48 个⼯工作⼩小时后收到的取消订单通知,将有可能被收取⾏行行政费⽤用或实际已完成⽣生产⼯工序之费⽤用。


价格以最后⽣生产所需之展开尺⼨寸及包装规格为准。 已报价项⽬目之规格如有任何变更更,本司需作出相应規格修改。收费项⽬目,本司会修改报价单另加说明以知会贵司。

除特别列列明外,每张订单均保証提供 0 - 0.5% 备品,请确保订单数量量在 0 - 0.5% 备品基础上可以涵盖贵司的货量量


除特别列列明外,本报价单价格是以⼀一次性送货为准 。 如要分批送货,将要额外收费。

细货量量订单备注: 补货及翻单的货量量⼀一般较少,因⽽而单价较⾼高。请考虑多订额外货量量,以作备品及翻单之⽤用,从⽽而避免潜在成本增

订购年年度总额: 根据贵司评估每⽉月平均货量量,欢迎与本司订购⼀一整年年货量量,从⽽而获取更更优惠的价额。