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500+ packaging professionals in China, Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Australia, USA and Mexico.

500+ packaging professionals located in China, Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Australia & North America.

YFYJupiter utilizes 23 fully owned YFY print facilities in Greater China

YFYJupiter utilizes 23 fully owned YFY print facilities in Greater China. We also manage certified JV and partner print manufacturing in India, Southeast Asia, the United States and Mexico.

Latest News

Are you wanting to transition your package manufacturing to an alternate region?

Our company history

We've grown a lot since our humble beginnings in 1997.  Check out some of the highlights on our interactive timeline.

YFYJupiter Timeline

Npulp®- molded packaging components and paper made from straw

Explore this revolutionary process and see how "wheat straw packaging" is helping companies like Dell, HP and others achieve their sustainable packaging goals.

Corporate Structure / Affiliates

There is an amazing group of companies behind YFYJupiter. Each company specializes in a unique facet of packaging. Together, YFYJupiter delivers world-class sustainable packaging to our clients in China, Mexico, Europe, the United States - and dozens of other locations around the world.


YFYJupiter Affiliates

Senior Management Team

Behind every great company you'll always find . . . great people. Meet our senior management team. 

Citizenship and Responsibility

Doing business responsibly benefits us all. Our customers, employees and stakeholders insist on it. Therefore, we strive to choose the path offering the most positive impact on both business and society. 

Corporate Citizenship


Stewardship of our environment is everyone's responsibility.  At YFYJupiter, sustainability is one of our core business drivers.

Sourcing Policy

We're committed to operating at a high level of ethical standards regardless of the country in which we are doing business. YFYJupiter adheres to strict international guidelines as well as our customers' unique supply chain sourcing policies.  These mandates also extend to any supplier wishing to do business with us.

Sourcing Policy

Upcycling old cardboard packaging

Reduce, reuse and repurpose!

Old corrugate packaging can become works of art.

Check out YFYJupiter's latest creation; turning corrugated boxes and waste paper into a form functional boom box.

Packaging Matters

Our unsurpassed creativity, branding smarts, global customer service, superior printing and converting facilities and dedicated QC teams allow us to produce dynamic packaging suitable for any market.