Sustainable packaging design or green packaging materials do not have to cost more and in many cases can actually reduce total packaging supply chain costs.

YFYJupiter helps our clients achieve their sustainable packaging design goals through innovative engineering and the use of green packaging materials.

Some of our biggest green packaging successes include:

  • The development of Npulp®, a revolutionary process and product by which we take waste straw and convert it to pulp. We do this however through a patented process which uses no harsh chemicals. Our process also uses far less water than traditional pulp / paper making. Npulp is used to make molded packaging components and can also be used as medium in your corrugated green packaging designs. Learn more about their Npulp® packaging solutions.
  • AP230™ a lightweight liner board which performs as good as heavier weight liner board. By reducing the weight we use less material. In turn, this weight saving reduces costs on air shipments.
  • Our 100% post-consumer waste Bristol Board, which our customers use for hangtags and price tickets, has made a huge positive impact on the environment. We've calculated that we've saved hundreds of thousands of trees by switching our customers to this environmentally friendly paper stock.

These are just a few of the many green packaging stories we have. To find out how we can help you achieve your sustainable packaging design goals please give us a call.

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