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Npulp™ - A Revolutionary Process and Product

Npulp® is developed using a revolutionary process which takes waste straw and converts it to pulp. It's accomplished through a patented process using no harsh chemicals and far less water than traditional pulp / paper making. Npulp is used to make molded packaging components and can be used as medium in corrugated green packaging designs.

Npulp™  - A Revolutionary Process and Sustainable Green Packaging Product

AP230™ - Eco-Friendly Lightweight Liner Board

This sustainable packaging option performs as good as heavier weight liner board. By reducing the weight we use less material.

In turn, this weight saving reduces costs on air shipments.

AP230™ a Lightweight and Sustainable Liner Board

Dell's Wheat Straw Sustainable Packaging

In China, YFYJupiter designs, engineers and produces packaging made from wheat straw for Dell, helping them reach their sustainability goals for 2020.

Dell's Wheat Straw Green Packaging for Products

Retail One™ - 100% post consumer / FSC certified bristol board

Our 100% post-consumer waste Bristol Board, which can be used for hangtags and price tickets, has made a hugely positive impact on the environment.

We've calculated that we've saved hundreds of thousands of trees by switching our customers to this environmentally friendly paper stock.

Retail One™ - 100% post consumer / FSC certified bristol board

Our partnership with YFYJupiter supports HP's packaging environmental strategy...

Linda Chau, Director of Packaging and Media, HP
HP's partnership with YFYJupiter supports their green packaging environmental strategy

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