Mission Statement:

We partner with companies to consistently communicate their values through comprehensive, integrated product and service platforms.

Vision Statement:

We combine innovative design, materials and services with sustainable packaging solutions to benefit companies worldwide.

The core principles of our business success:

  • The fact that our packaging designs can be found on the shelves of most every major retailer is the result of our strong operating principals and a committed team of talented individuals that brings our vision to life every day.
  • We strive to provide world-class customer service to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Our goal is to deliver better packaging with design in mind in a rapidly competitive industry.
  • We are brand packaging specialists. Our packaging is true to our customer's brand, better for the environment, provides better protection for the product and drives results for our customers.
  • Packaging is complicated.  We get it.  Our family of companies work together, seamlessly, to oversee all the details that go into successful packaging - from creative concept through print production and manufacturing.
  • We always endeavor to first understand our customer's needs, then deliver creative, yet practical, solutions to help them build their brand and increase sales.
  • YFYJupiter delivers smart packaging solutions for global brands.
  • Whether you shop online or in store, chances are you've seen or touched our packaging at some point - this week!


We Act Globally

Most local packaging companies firms don’t look beyond their own backyard for resources and knowledge. We do. Our international design, photography and packaging studios are strategically located to deliver exceptional value, creative solutions and service. In addition, our network of established global partners allows us to source unique products and materials from around the world. We offer mass printing services and competitive pricing in accordance to your standards.

We Are Creative

Large packaging manufacturers like to wow you with considerable cost savings, special materials and space-saving structural engineering. So do we. YFYJupiter however, is different. We also create and execute award-winning brand design and photogrpahy. And, we work daily on unique packaging projects with some of the world’s largest companies including Dell, HP, Google, The GAP, Sainsburry’s, Target, Walmart and many others.

We ignite passion and add lasting value to your brand with our breakthrough creativity. By developing engaging packaging based on solid marketing experience, we are able to help increase brand awareness and sales. Something the traditional packaging and print guys just don’t do.

We Offer Value

Big-name agencies typically come with a big price tag. We don’t. Unlike agencies who subcontract many outside services, we are an efficient end-to-end brand and packaging solutions provider. We do our own graphic design, structural engineering, photography, copy writing and artwork execution in-house. We also produce packaging in 28 fully owned YFY printing facilities in greater China.

We offer customized work plans that are flexible, personal and fast. Throughout your packaging project we look for smart ways to save time and cost. For instance, when we develop initial creative work we consider how a design will be printed, how a product will be packed out, how the goods will ship and ultimately how the merchandise will be displayed, handled and opened. We are proactive, experienced problem solvers who will keep your projects on track and within budget, all the while helping you get to market quicker.