Africa is rich in natural resources including ores that contain tin, tantalum and tungsten.

These minerals are used in the manufacturing industry for various products including consumer electronics. Some of these minerals come from regions known as conflict zones, in particular, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Although YFYJupiter's current product range (including papers, corrugated packaging and printing) does not rely on these raw materials, it is still our policy not to conduct business or source from companies that knowingly utilize these resources. It should be noted this does not necessarily disqualify a supplier from sourcing from the DRC if they are able to supply a chain of custody which certifies the supply chain is free from actions described as conflict mining.

To help ensure responsible sourcing and our commitment to this issue, YFYJupiter launched an internal message campaign, explaining these issues to all our associates. YFYJupiter also mandates that our subcontractors sign and return an Executive Commitment, acknowledging that they will also comply with the mandate to not source materials which originated from conflict mining.

Notice to smelting suppliers

YFYJupiter currently does not source from smelting operations, however, if that need would arise please be aware, to qualify as a supplier you must have an EICC and GeSI Conflict Free Smelter Audit completed, passed and on file with YFYJupiter. Please reference: