Paper and paperboard materials are our bread and butter.

While we provide services for all types of product packaging, the majority of our services focus on paper and paperboard. This means that the largest raw material that we focused on is fiber. Our extensive network of partners collaborates with us in creating a responsible fiber-based circular economy.

Virgin Fiber

One of our sourcing services guarantees is to provide our customers with transparency on raw material. We work diligently with our supply chain partners to offer renewable virgin fiber from sustainably managed forests. We collaborate with our supply chain partners to promote best practices in forest management to create thriving and resilient forests. To ensure that our customers know the source of their paper packaging, we partnered with both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Canopy Planet Society (Canopy).

Recovered and Recycled Fibers

Our material transparency extends to recovered and recycled fibers. There is a significant demand from our customers for recovered and recycled fibers as many have adopted sustainable initiatives around the utilization of post-consumer recycled content. As part of our full services offering, we work with our supplier partners in obtaining responsibly sourced recovered fibers to supply our manufacturing partners.

Other Recovered and Recycled Materials

Our commitments in promoting recovered and recycled material extends beyond paper and paperboard fibers. Many of our supply chain partners for Blisters, EPE, and other plastics also championing the same circular solutions offering bioplastics made from renewable resources or ensuring that if sourced from natural gas or petroleum that the packaging component is mono-material and clean for ease of recycling. Our key supply chain partners also practice recovering plastic materials for reuse as well as reselling any recovered material for the purpose of reuse.

Policy for Recovered and Recycled Materials

With increased interest in recovered and recycled materials, our policy is simple. Recovered and recycled materials we offer our customers must be:

  • Responsibly sourced
  • Certified or verified.

Sourced locally or within reasonable distances without contributing to excess carbon emission from transportation.