Kitty Sift - Turn-key Packaging

Congratulations to Kitty Sift on receiving one of the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize Awards for 2021! Why are we excited? Because this project showcases how our Professional Packaging Services can take the complexity out of the brand packaging process and provide our clients the simplicity of working with one source for packaging.

Our Turn-Key packaging services at work for Kitty Sift involved:

  • Relocating package production and supply chain (from Asia) to our facility in Juaréz Mexico.
  • Refining the engineering and tooling of the structure.
  • Created a custom formula for the pulp slurry to improve material performance when wet.
  • Redefining material specifications to help achieve certifiable sustainability reporting.
  • Achieving 100% compliance on package messaging to FTC Green Guides.
  • Redefining product assembly, pack-out and the fulfillment process.

Product images & logos are the property of Kitty Sift and Purina. Please visit their sites if you’re interested in more information.