Our Corporate Sustainability Disclosure Report

The YFYJupiter 2022 Annual Corporate Sustainability Disclosure is the company’s first report with a focus on providing our stakeholders with transparency on key topics as determined through our annual materiality assessment. The report covers the period of 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022; exceptions to this are stated.


Our ESG Commitments and Accomplishments

The creation and development of our sustainability strategy was both a top-down and a bottom-up approach. Our senior leadership team came together and worked with our sustainability team on creating the core foundations of our sustainability strategy while many of our SME associates provided their inputs focusing on key sustainability topics such as equity, diversity, inclusion, and supply chain management. As we are in the early stages of integrating a formal sustainability reporting process into our business, we continue to evaluate all opportunities and are committed to strengthening our sustainability governance and embedding sustainability into our business.

Commitment: Achieve and maintain at minimum 50% representation of women in our workforce.

2022 Status: 49.6% representation of women in our workforce.

Commitment: Achieve and maintain at minimum 95% representation of local workforce.

2022 Status: 87% representation of local workforce globally across all YFYJupiter facilities.

Commitment: Achieve and maintain at minimum 95% participation in our ESG educational training.

2022 Status: 98% participation in our 2022 ESG educational training.

Commitment: 100% of our design and purchasing services incorporate key circular economy principles.

2022 Status: 100% of all design and purchasing services include promoting circular economy.*

Commitment: All service and project proposals promote sustainable packaging and solutions.

2022 Status: 100% of all services and project proposals include at minimum one sustainable packaging portfolio.*

Commitment: Achieve strong customer satisfaction score in our annual survey.

2022 Status: 72% customers response rate with 87% of the respondents scoring our services A or higher.

Commitment: Establish a science-based target scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction target by 2023.

2022 Status: Establishing the emission baseline using 2022 data, submitting SBTi commitment.

Sustainable Packaging + Circular Economy

*YFYJupiter strives to promote sustainable packaging and circular economy through practices in alignment to Sustainable Packaging Coalition's definition of sustainable packaging as well as key circular economy principles such as Ellen MacAarthur Foundation.

For more information on please connect with us at sustainability@yfyjupiter.com. For more information regarding SPC’s definition, please refer to the link: