Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Sustainability is embedded in our mission statement when we say we want to create the most sustainable packaging solutions on the planet. From rightsizing (reducing packaging materials and volume) to using straw based molded fiber in the packaging we produce, YFYJupiter is on the cutting edge of engineering and use of sustainable packaging materials. We offer solutions for bio-plastics, plant based plastics and proprietary additives which help plastics bio-degrade in soil and the ocean.

We have worked with numerous companies developing and producing environmentally sustainable packaging while helping them reach their own sustainability targets and customers goals. We participate and sit on panels working and work with some of the world's the top retailers to help them achieve their goals for sustainable packaging. And our solutions are proven and validated by third party testing.

Our partnership with YFYJupiter supports HP's packaging environmental strategy...

Linda Chau, Director of Packaging and Media, HP