Sustainable packaging made from straw

People have been making paper from straw for hundreds of years. What makes our straw paper unique is the process through which we create it.

In an industry known for heavy use of chemicals and water, our paper process is a game-changer.

Npulp® is the first straw-based paper made without the use of any harsh chemicals. In fact, the only ingredients in our patented paper are straw, water and an enzyme which digests the straw into a pulp consistency.

The process uses far less water and energy than traditional papermaking.

Our Npulp® production facility in Yangzhou, China is on track to be certified as a net-zero emissions paper mill. That, in and of itself, is a remarkable achievement on many levels.

Npulp®. No trees. No harsh chemicals. No kidding.

Sustainable packaging design using
(straw based) Npulp.

Sustainable Packaging Made from Straw