Whether coordinating with HUB operations or working direct to your ODM factory, YFYJupiter helps develop robust solutions which save time and cut cost from your packaging supply chain. Packaging supply chain services we offer:

  • Assembly, kitting and pre-pack. Our own at-print facility and HUB operations are able to save your factory time, labor and cost. Let YFYJupiter help with pre-assembly of packaging components, parts and materials.
  • We operate packaging supply chain services throughout Mexico, United States and China both outside and inside special trade-free zones.
  • Rightsizing. Engineering reduced packaging volume to lower shipping and handling costs.
  • AP230™ Liner board. A lightweight packaging liner board which, reduces packaging weight, saving costs on air shipments. AP230™ is a proprietary product of YFYJupiter. Produced by YFY paper mills and distribute through our fully owned Mobius105 paper and materials company.
  • Power and flexibility... As part of YFY, we are a US$ 4 billion dollar packaging group. We hold manufacturing and business licenses in the U.S., Mexico and China. We are able to conduct VAT and non-VAT transactions in U.S. dollar, Chinese Yuan (RMB) and the Mexican Peso.