Packaging and material testing is a very important part of what we do.

ISTA testing performed in-house:

• Edge crush test (ECT)

• Vibration testing

• Compression testing

• Burst strength test (Mullen)

In 22 locations throughout greater China, YFYJupiter operates ISO-style testing labs to help ensure the utmost in quality control.

Precisely calibrated equipment allows us to perform a variety of tests. When we receive new paper stock, before it is ever printed on or converted to board, we test the paper itself to make sure it meets specifications.

After the board is converted to packaging, performance tests such as the edge crush test (ECT) and the burst strength test (Mullen test) are performed on the box structures to ensure the engineering specifications were calculated correctly.

Another very useful test we conduct evaluates the stacking strength of the master case shipper. To do this we employ a compression table. This machine is vital in helping us assure that master cases (as well as their contents) arrive to their destination intact.

These tests can also be used to evaluate our customer's current packaging to determine if they are unwittingly paying for sub-standard materials. Or, in cases involving packaging failure, determine new material specs so their packaging will meet testing requirements.